Pantone Color Pick of 2015: How to Use Marsala in Your Home

pantone color pick

Each year the color experts from the Pantone Color Institute, the global authority on color, in fact, announce their pick for color of the year. This year’s pick is marsala, an earthy-toned, wine red that’s naturally robust and full-bodied. This unique color works well as an accent color but it’s also great as a stand-alone statement color. The warm shade pairs well with light colors such as turquoises and vibrant blues as well as more neutral palates including creams and grays. It’s hearty, yet stylish, tone is a natural fit for a range of areas throughout the home, whether you choose to paint an entire wall or use marsala-colored accent pieces throughout your space. Here’s a handful of ways you can incorporate the designer color in your own home.

Marsala in the Kitchen

pantone color marsala place setting

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at the Pantone Color Institute, explains that marsala is a natural fit for dining rooms and kitchens as the color is both fulfilling and nurturing. Ideally, Eiseman says, marsala is best for small appliances, tabletops and linens. The color has a natural earthiness yet it still emanates a sophisticated, rich look. You can incorporate marsala in your kitchen linens with table coverings or place settings in the color or choose a coffee marker in marsala to use the trendy color in your space.


pantone marsala living room decoration

The color marsala has a plush characteristic, this is especially true when it’s applied to textured surfaces, including upholstered living space furnishings, rugs or drapes. However, decorate with caution. Too much of the wine-colored hue can darken your space. Instead of decorating with only marsala-colored items, choose a handful of additional pieces in softer or brighter colors that make the space feel lighter. For example, if you choose to have a marsala sofa, use a different colored throw or decorative pillows to brighten it up.

Natural, Fresh Marsala Blooms

pantone marsala flower petals blooms

Using the color of the year in your home does not have to be a permanent design decision. Rather, you can add the trendy color to your space whenever you want with fresh flowers. Roses, tulips, cosmos, dahlias, Peruvian lilies all have marsala-colored petals. You can order online and have flowers delivered directly to your home, without having to search around local floral shops for the color you have in mind. Plus, when the color experts pick a new color in 2016, you won’t have to toss out your marsala furniture or repaint your walls after the trend has passed.


pantone marsala wall coloring

For a bold statement, consider painting a statement wall in the color marsala. This color — which works well in the dining room, particularly — brings warmth into interiors and exudes a message of luxury and glamour. The color experts state that the 2015 color of the year is equally appealing to men and women, making it a wonderful paint color for a family or for a single dweller. Consider pairing the color with warm taupes and grays, colors like Pantone’s lilac marble or ashes of roses for a modern look.

For something fresh and exciting, marsala can be paired with palette of Pantone colors such as cress green or calypso coral. Marsala is compatible with a wide-range of colors from each end of the color spectrum from amber to golden yellows and greens.