Origin of Valentine’s Day with FTD

Valentine’s Day is observed each year on February 14, but do you know why we celebrate it or what the origin of Valentine’s Day is?It is believed that many years ago February 14 was celebrated to honor the death of the Christian martyr, Saint Valentine. Over the years, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a holiday that is based on love and romance. Today, it is celebrated around the world by exchanging candy, flowers, and gifts with family, friends, and loved ones.

Here at FTD, we live and breathe Valentine’s Day to make sure that this day is a special day between you and your loved one. You might hear us talk a lot about our mission statement (click here if you haven’t) and how hard we work towards accomplishing it.  This goes all the way back to our roots.  Our founder’s name was even Valentine – John A. Valentine to be exact!


Vintage Valentine’s Day FTD Ad from the 1940s.


However, Valentine’s Day became a holiday before FTD was around.  The first valentines were made and sold around 1840.  Flowers, specifically red roses, became associated with the holiday because of their meaning, love, and romance. FTD delivers countless red roses to all of your loved ones over the Valentine’s Day season.


Vintage Valentine's Day Ad from the 1950s.
Vintage Valentine’s Day Ad from the 1950s.


FTD has been around for the last 105 Valentine’s Day to make sure the day has been perfect for you and your loved ones. Check out FTD.com for ideas to send your love this Valentine’s Day.