Mood-Boosting House Plants to Make Your Winter Brighter

House Plants Improve Your Mood

Winter is almost here, bringing with it shorter days and colder weather. Luckily, houseplants can make a big difference in your environment and your mood—studies have found they can boost productivity and help reduce stress, which we could all use more than ever after this year. Here’s a few more reasons to send a houseplant to brighten someone’s day (including your own!)—plus some recommended plants for each idea.

Tropical Plants Make Everything Feel Fresher

Houseplants bring nature in, which is especially helpful when chillier temperatures mean we’ll all be spending more time indoors. Whether you liven up your Zoom background with a fiddlehead fig plant or create a nook with monstera, bamboo and peace lily for a little in-home tropical escape, houseplants can give you a much-needed change of scenery. And they are not only freshening your decor, they also purify the air, removing pollutants and converting carbon dioxide to fresh oxygen.

Low-Maintenance Plants Are Perfect for Any Setting (and Caretaker!)

Many houseplants are built to thrive in the winter, since they require low light to medium light, like aloe plants, ZZ plants or succulents. Also, even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can pick a perfect low-maintenance plant (look for darker, thicker foliage, like a snake plant or spathiphyllum plants, which tend to be heartier). And don’t be daunted by orchids—with the right light and watering habit, they are actually quite easy to care for (and such a beautiful addition to a room).

Bulb Plants are a Reminder that Something’s Always Blooming

Bulb plants—like amaryllis, tulips, and hyacinth—are a wonderful winter gift, because they begin to bloom after they arrive at your doorstep in bud form. It may take a couple of weeks for the blooms to open, and you’ll see little changes every day—so it’s the perfect companion for anyone spending a lot of time at home (which is most of us right now). Bulb plants are also a chance to bring a bit of spring into your home months in advance, a welcome sight come late January.

All Plants Are Good For Your Mental Health

Houseplants are a great reminder that we all could use a little tending from time to time. Tie your plant care routine to another mood-boosting activity, like listening to a favorite playlist or podcast while you prune your bonsai tree. Or, when you finish watering your plants, do a quick five-minute meditation or call a friend or family member to say hi. The routine will ensure you take a few extra moments for yourself throughout your week.