Thank You to the Red, White, and Blue

July 4. To the rest of the world it’s just another day, but here in the United States this seemingly arbitrary date holds significant meaning.  While most of the country partakes in backyard barbeques or family trips to the beach, for the members of our military and their families this day holds even greater significance.

In anticipation of this year’s Fourth of July festivities, FTD reached out to some of our favorite MilSpouse bloggers with a bouquet from our USO Collection as a token of our appreciation for the sacrifices they and their loved ones make each and every day.  With an opportunity to reflect on what America means to them, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite images and personal reflections below:

Airing My Laundry


Amber from Airing My Laundry confesses that she knew marrying a soldier would be a tough life, but is proud of the sacrifices they both have made for their country.   She goes on to reflect on the impact the USO has had on our service members, “the USO has always been around to help. Whenever my husband deploys, there’s usually a USO in an airport to help make his layover comfortable. Their main goal is to ensure our soldiers are taken care of.”  You can read more about Amber and her military journey here.

Beautiful in His Time


Like many Americans, Aprille from Beautiful in His Time spent her Fourth of July at the beach.  While in the car on their drive down to the shore, Aprille asked her veteran husband what America means to him, to which he replied, “‘it’s just this.’ He gestured to [her] hand that was nestled in his. ‘Just getting to be together as a family. We’ve missed so many holidays and so much time together. But now we don’t have to anymore. We can just be us.’”  You can find out more about Aprille’s journey as a MilSpouse by reading her post here.

Marine Corps Nomads


Heather from Marine Corps Nomands confesses that she struggled to put her thoughts into this post; but who can blame her given the sensitive nature of a topic so near and dear to her heart.  Within her reflection she states, “As I think back on how our nation began, on our journey as a military family, I know that the price of freedom can be great for everyone involved. The cost will be different for the various individuals involved, but there will be a price for everyone. We all need to think about the sacrifices made, the sacrifices that continue to be made before we readily give up the freedoms we have already been afforded.”  The rest of Heather’s post can be found in full here.

Sew Fatty


Pollyanna from Sew Fatty opens her post with a short yet powerful statement that surely resonates with everyone involved in the military life, “military life is not always easy, some days are better than others.” However, she goes on to share one of the greatest positives about the difficult life her family has chosen, “there is nothing more rewarding than to see the appreciation and just so much love. I think that’s the best part of my hubby’s job is making people smile and I could say the same thing for my brother.”  You can read more about Pollyanna’s military journey here.


As a part of our USO Collection, FTD is proud to donate 5% of sales to the USO, with a minimum donation of $10,000 to support our troops.  Even though July 4th has come and gone this year, it’s never too late to say ‘Thank You’ to a service member and their family for all their sacrifices.  What’s your favorite way to support our troops?