Flowers That Bloom in Winter

White and violet pansy flower

What Flowers Bloom in Winter?

There are plenty of flowers that bloom in winter, even though that’s not prime time for flora in the Northern Hemisphere. At FTD, we have a huge selection of winter flowers to brighten the darker days of the cold season and to celebrate the holidays. Last-minute idea or spontaneous gesture? We’ve got you covered with same-day delivery, nationwide!

Notable Winter Blooms

Those living in northern climes don’t expect to see flowers blooming until spring, but there are a number of flowers that bloom even when it’s cold outside.

Flowers that bloom in winter include:


By its name, it’s easy to conclude that this spectacular white perennial appears in the wintertime. If planning a winter garden, plant snowdrops in clumps so they will spread naturally. They do well in the shadow of almost all trees.


Another flower with a wintry name, glory-of-the-snow features star-shaped blue, pink, or lavender blossoms with a white center.

Snow crocus

More than 90 perennials belong to the crocus genus, but guess which one sports its welcome blooms in winter? These colorful flowers appear in late winter, a signal that winter is leaving and spring is approaching.


Blooming between Christmas and early spring, these “Lenten roses” are frost-tolerant. They prefer shade, so don’t plant them in areas of full sun.


Most flowers bloom in warm weather and go dormant once temperatures dip. That’s not the case with cyclamen, which blooms every winter and becomes dormant when it’s hot. Cyclamen also makes an ideal indoor winter plant.

Winter Brights

Of course, you can send flowers of any season year-round from FTD. Want to brighten up the decor as the daylight hours dwindle? Choose from our winter brights collection, guaranteed to boost your spirits and add beauty to your home. Send roses and spread joy!

FTD calls this selection winter brights because each bouquet or floral arrangement is designed with bright colors, perfect for lifting you out of the winter doldrums! These flowers will put a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to receive them!

Winter Plants

Who doesn’t appreciate greenery in the middle of winter? Our winter plants selection ranges from lilies to succulents to miniature roses. Some of these plants are suitable for planting in the garden come spring, or flowering in your home year-round. Treat yourself or a friend or family member to a gorgeous, exotic orchid!

Even if you or your recipients don’t have a green thumb, these winter plants will thrive when cared for properly. Each plant arrives with detailed care instructions, so you can’t go wrong. While winter flowers are lovely, winter plants should grace the home for years.

Christmas Flowers

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Decorate your home with Christmas cheer or send Christmas flowers to those on your gift list.

Trying to decide what types of presents to send? How about Christmas plants? At FTD, we carry various shades of amaryllis, ready to burst into bloom during the holiday season. Watch as the bulb sprouts, shoots, and eventually evolves into a stunning floral display!