Flowers for the Modern Gentleman

Need some help gentleman – we’ve got what you need.

Flowers for the Modern Gentleman

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Flowers for the modern gentleman:

1 in 7 guys think it’s okay to send an emoji on Valentine’s Day. The ladies don’t agree

Women want flowers:

Flowers make 1 in 2 women happy. Fifty percent of women are delighted for their friend or co-worker when they receive flowers.

1/3 women want to “return the favor.”  One in three women* would do a little somethin’ special for their man after they receive flowers.  (The other two must not have read this guide)

1/8 feel green with envy. There’s always one—13% of women report feeling envious after they see a friend receive a bouquet.

A dissection of flowers:

The Orchid (Orchidaceae) Fig. 2.1

The Daisy (Bellis perennis) Fig. 2.2

The Tulip (Tulipa) Fig. 2.3

The Rose (Rosa) Fig. 2.4

The Stem Fig. 2.5

The Bud Fig. 2.6

Color choices Fig. 2.7

 The art of choosing the finest arrangement for your lady:

Your dame isn’t like the rest, so choose a flower that’s right for her.  An orchid is as exotic as she is (fig. 2.1).

Daisies represent “loyal love,” so tell your lady she’s the only one for you (fig. 2.2).

Just started going steady? Tulips are cheery and fresh, just like your relationship (fig 2.3).

Roses are a timeless classic that say “I love you,” no matter how many years you’ve been together (fig 2.4).

A longer stem tells her your feelings run deep (fig 2.5).

Size matters: the bigger the bud, the more impressive the flower (fig 2.6).

Don’t forget color is important, too: Purple says you care. White means purity. Yellow if you’re in the friendzone, and red for love (fig 2.7).


How your bouquet measures up:

WEST: Good Guys

>$49: 51.5%

$50-$149: 34.6%

$150: $299: 8.7%

$300+: 5.2%

SOUTH: Hopeless Romantics

>$49: 51%

$50-$149: 41%

$150: $299: 5.3%

$300+: 2.7%

NORTHEAST: Doing a lot with a little

>$49: 46.9%

$50-$149: 42.2%

$150: $299: 8.2%

$300+: 2.7%

MIDWEST: Big Spenders

>$49: 67.1%

$50-$149: 23.8%

$150: $299: 5.3%

$300+: 3.8%

A Final Synopsis:

A little emotion goes a long way, fellas­­—and trust us, nothing says “the real deal” like fresh flowers.  So have a chat with someone who speaks the language of Flora romanticiscea—someone who’s been speaking that language for over 100 years; your great grandfather, or FTD. Your choice.

All statistics taken from 2015 FTD national survey of 1,000 respondents, aged between 25 and 44 years old.

 *Statistic applies to southern millennial women.