Five Unexpected Occasions to Send Flowers

Giving Flowers to Girl

We all have our go-to days to send flowers—birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day. But the joy flowers bring, to both the recipient and the sender, is not limited to certain occasions. In fact, an out-of-the-blue bouquet can double the enjoyment. And while flowers never need a reason, here are a few other times that are wonderful opportunities to brighten someone’s day.

To Say Good Luck With Flowers

We often send flowers to congratulate our loved ones on significant accomplishments, like college graduation or a big promotion. But what about the moments leading up to personal and professional milestones, both big and small? Say “I’m rooting for you” with flowers. Looking to send something extra meaningful? Gardenias say good luck, pink tulips represent good wishes or lucky bamboo… well, that one is all in the name.

To Reconnect With an Old Friend With Flowers

When busy schedules lead to an ongoing game of phone tag, it can be hard to catch up with friends. It’s a common problem—there’s actually even a holiday for it: National Call a Friend Day on December 28. Send a friend a bouquet just to say hi, and then follow up with a phone call. Even if you both are busy, the delivery will be a wonderful reminder to pause for a few minutes to connect.

To Celebrate Something Uniquely Them

The most meaningful gifts are specific and sincere. Anything that reminds you of a loved one is a great reason to send flowers. It could be a fun quirky holiday (National Bubble Bath Day for the queen of the at-home spa day or National Cheese Lover’s Day for your friend who knows their way around a charcuterie board). Or maybe you spotted a bright bouquet that reminds you of their personality, or their favorite flower is in season. Whatever the reason, it will show you are truly thinking of them.

To Inspire Creativity

We’re all looking for ways to make our lives a little brighter these days. Our farm-fresh flowers, delivered in a gift box, are the perfect way to send beautiful blooms and a fun activity, since the recipient is able to arrange the flowers themselves. Consider having a flower-arranging date with your best friend over video chat—you can each put your own spin on a bouquet while you catch up. It’s a great excuse to connect, and the results will make you both smile for days.

To Keep Traditions Alive

While we’ve all missed seeing friends and family this year, especially around the holidays, there are also those seemingly ordinary days that mean something special—whether it’s standing Sunday family dinners, an annual winter girls’ trip, or your friendaversary with your college roommate. Even if you can’t be together, you can still mark the occasion with flowers, and feel closer together.

While these are all great reasons to have a surprise bouquet delivered, the best thing about “Just Because” flowers is that any reason you can come up with is the perfect one. Start browsing here, and see if inspiration strikes!