Fall Table Decor Ideas Inspired by our 2017 Fall Color Palette


Influenced by our fall 2017 color palette, we are giving you Autumn inspiration with a natural twist. The florals featured in these mood boards are inspired by natural colors and are presented in an array of earthy neutrals, paired with bold color statements and patterns. This year’s colors include: Amber and Flame, Fig and Chestnut and Indigo and Persimmon.

They are bold and beautiful and absolutely stunning when used in fall table decor. To help inspire your fall table decorations, we have created three mood boards. Each one is themed with colors from our fall 2017 color palette. From gorgeous lilies to stunning carnations, you can create radiant floral arrangements representative of these cozy months.


Amber & Flame


Top left photo by: Found Vintage Rentals | 3rd photo on the left by: EAB Designs


Just like the leaves that fall during this season, the color amber incorporates yellow-orange hues that brighten up a room. Our favorite flowers to use for this are orange gerbera daisies and carnations mixed in with fall leaves. These can be used in bouquets or as a fun centerpiece in a festive pumpkin vase. Get creative with these colors by using fall leaves as decorative elements around the table or by pairing your flowers with gold metallic place settings.

Flame is similar to amber, except it has more shades of red in its hue. It is like the inner flame of the fire in your fireplace during these colder months. Our favorite flowers to use for this are bi-color orange roses and burgundy carnations. These flowers, mixed in with the florals mentioned above, make for a stunning arrangement for any fall decor design. To help balance out the bright colors of amber and flame, try decorating with moss or twigs. Not only will this bring a more natural element into your design, but it will create more depth and texture.


Fig & Chestnut

Top right photo: Weddings by Nicola & Glen


Switch up your fall design by adding fig and chestnut to your table decor. Fig encompasses dark purple and burgundy hues, while chestnut captures a reddish shade of brown. We like to use orange bi-color lilies and rich red roses as the main florals, mixed in with burgundy snapdragons and purple button poms as fillers. Include some seeded eucalyptus for greenery to create an Autumn design that is captivating and enchanting.

These colors can be paired with just about anything to create a breathtaking Autumn arrangement. For more ideas on how to incorporate these colors into your fall decor, use light gray napkins and white decorative pumpkins to balance out the dark design of the other flowers. You can also glam up your design by spray painting decorative pieces (think pumpkins and fall leaves) a metallic silver or gray. Pair these with sophisticated silverware for a polished and refined look that will awe your guests.


Indigo & Persimmon

Bottom left photo by: Remodelando la Casa


These colors capture the beauty of the most perfect fall day. Indigo makes for a surprising addition to this fall palette, but we believe the cool tones of this color capture the frosty air of the fall months. Indigo is used most in decorative elements around the table such as napkins, plates and vases. The persimmon in this palette encompasses the color of pumpkins that are symbolic of this time of year. They create a beautiful balancing act in the design that is both eye-catching and inspiring.

The flowers we like to use for this particular design are roses, LA Hybrid Lilies, gerbera daisies and carnations in an array of orange shades. These, paired with a blue glass vase make for the perfect indigo and persimmon mix. You can also get crafty and add mini pumpkins to your design. Try using them as place settings for napkins or spray paint them blue to add to the aesthetic. You can also decorate with fall berries! Scatter these around your table to add a bit of texture and tie the colors of fall together.


Autumn is a time to surround ourselves with the ones we love and remind ourselves why we are thankful for them. You can do this by inviting loved ones over for gatherings or surprising them with thoughtful bouquets.

To browse more ways to decorate your fall table, check out our fall selection as well as our fall decor ideas inspired by Pantone colors. You are bound to find the perfect floral arrangement for your fall table decor!