10 Dating Tips from The Longest Ride

10 dating tips from the longest ride

With the launch of the The Longest Ride movie this Friday, April 10, we’ve put together some dating tips from characters in the movie. Want to learn more about the movie? Check out the official site here and The Longest Ride bouquet here which was inspired by the movie.

  • Chivalry isn’t dead – or at least good manners aren’t.
    • When Luke goes to pick up Sophia for their date, he is all manners. From bringing her flowers to opening the door, Luke makes sure Sophia is treated right. Check out a clip from the movie here when Luke picks up Sophia for their first date.
  • On your initial dates, do something that interests you.
    • Trying new things is great, but doing something you love really shows your date the real Luke shows Sophia the ropes of bull riding to provide a better understanding of how important it is to him.
  • Make sure your date feels comfortable.
    • Showing your date something you love is great, but you should also make sure they feel comfortable in new settings. Ever the gentleman, Luke gives Sophia his hat at the bull riding arena to help her fit


ira and ruth


  • Develop a passion together.
    • As we grow up we develop specific passions and interests. To fully appreciate one another, you should cultivate and develop those passions together. Ira develops appreciation love for collecting art because of Ruth’s lifelong interest in the subject. By doing so, he finds happiness with her through the joy she finds in collecting art .
  • Ask a lot of questions.
    • Meeting someone new can be an exciting experience, but it takes a while to get to know people. Get acquainted with your date by asking insightful questions and avoid monopolizing  the entire conversation talking about yourself.




  • Don’t make quick judgments.
    • Don’t make snap judgments just because your date has different interests or backgrounds.  If city-girl Sophia was to make a quick judgment about country-boy Luke, then she would never get to know how special he is.
  • Get to know their family and friends.
    • Make sure your date feels comfortable around family and friends, especially if they play an important role in your life, like Luke’s mom does in his.
  • Live in the Moment.
    • Ira and Ruth live in the moment because they understood how precious their time was together and that life is short. . Remember to cherish every moment and make the most of every day.
  • Compromise the tough decisions.
    • No relationship is easy but the ones that last require a give and take of compromises. Just like Ira and Ruth, who had to give up their desire to have a big family, Sophia and Luke must decide what is truly important to them and make certain sacrifices to be together.
  • Celebrate your differences.
    • Luke and Sophia couldn’t be more different; she hails from a big city and he was raised in a small town..   Ira and Ruth are from opposite sides of the world.  Both couples find ways to fall in love, despite these diverse backgrounds and personalities.

Luke and Sophia