USO Gala Part 2

Last weekend, USO Gala was a success and we would like to share with you some of pictures of the event.  We were honored to be part of this event and support all of the work the USO does for our military. If you are interested in learning more, check out the USO website for details on the event, the organization, and how you can contribute.  If you would like to contribute through FTD, check out our USO collection which supports the USO with the purchase of one of these bouquets.

In Preparation for the Event

USO Gala Preparation 2

The flowers before they were arranged into the bouquets.

USO Gala Preparation

The flowers as they were being processed and cut for the bouquets.

Flowers Being Delivered

The flowers on route to the gala – so many trips were needed!

At the Gala

USO Gala Table

The bouquets were displayed as the centerpiece of a beautifully set table.

USO Gala

This arrangement added a pop of color for guest to enjoy.

USO Gala Arrangement

No two bouquets were exactly alike.  Each were unique in flowers and arrangement.

Michael and Pete USO Gala

Our wonderful designers in action at the event.  Michael Skaff (left) and Pete Samek (right)

Giving the Bouquets to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center:

USO Hospital 3

The ladies at the front desk of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

USO Hospital 2

So happy to see the smiles brought to each of their faces.

USO Hospital 4

We had such a great time meeting everyone and brightening their days with beautiful bouquets.