Unique Gift Ideas for Life’s Big Moments

Engagement Ring

Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day may be among the most popular occasions

to tap into the spirit of gift-giving but they’re not the only days to wrap in a bow of remembrance. A thoughtful recognition of a loved one’s big life moment can make that occasion all the more memorable. An engagement, the birth of a child or heading off to college all mark the beginning of a journey. Set your loved one a sail on a new adventure with a gift—big or small—that shows your love, support and encouragement.


Making Moves

Hauling your life’s belongings across hundreds of miles is equally as exciting as it is exasperating. Commemorate a loved one’s big move with gifts that lighten the load with a touch of humor or local flavor.

lifes big moments wine

As an example, give a Phoenix-bound friend an economy-sized tube of sunscreen, a golf visor and a set of margarita glasses with a prickly pear cactus margarita recipe attached. For a family member heading to Houston, wrap up a bottle of Texas BBQ sauce (Goode Co. and Stubb’s are both good choices), a Texas-shaped baking pan and a copy of the book “Speak Texan in 30 Minutes or Less.” For someone heading to the golden hills of California, a trio of Napa Wines fits the bill.


Dorm Life Begins

Graduation tends to get all the attention. But starting college is a momentous event in a young adult’s life and one often laced with goosebumps, jitters and the occasional moment of panic. Give gifts that provide a headstart in this journey.

lifes big moments grocery store

From sleep masks and ear plugs to dorm shower necessities, a College Survival Kit from DormCo.com is a gift of practicality. If you have the time, create your own kit with more personalized items. Another welcomed item is a gift card to a restaurant or grocery store near campus. First-year college kids especially will appreciate a night off from dorm food or they can stock mini fridges with late-night snacks.


Hello Baby

Traditionally, the “push present” is given to moms by the father of the new arrival but the tradition has expanded to include gifts from close friends and family. The custom was popularized in the media by celebrities like Nick Cannon, who reportedly gave his wife Mariah Carey a custom-crafted 4-carat diamond and sapphire necklace after the birth of their twins. While the trend has had its share of media backlash for the lavish nature of celebrity gifts, it can be a sweet memento for a woman welcoming a new baby into the world if done tastefully and with sincerity.

lifes big moments necklace

If she’s a first-time mother, the gift of a “mom” charm or pendant will commemorate her moment of crossing into motherhood. A simple heart pendant or our Special Touch Diamond Sterling Silver Pendant designed to celebrate the bond between mother and child also makes a cherished memento. If you’re a close friend of the proud parents, a cute idea is to give them a piggy bank with a “Our First Family Vacation” or “College Fund” sign attached. Our Seeds of Life Memory Tree also makes a cherished gift to send once the family is settled back at home.


She Said “Yes!”

A wedding proposal announcement marks the beginning of a couple’s journey as partners in life—and laundry. It also kicks off the start of a roster wrought with wedding planning minutia, gift registries to pour over, bridal gown shopping and fittings, tuxes to try on and well, the list goes on.

lifes big moembers clicquot & godiva

Encourage the couple to take a breather with a fun gift like the Activity Book For Couples which elicits light-hearted conversation. Or, keep it simple and sweet by sending the spouses-to-be our Veuve Clicquot & Godiva so they can toast to their nuptials with fine champagne and chocolates.

We hope these gift ideas will help you navigate your way through life’s big moments.