Send Your Loved Ones a Piece of Home This Holiday

The Perfect 2020 Holiday Gift

In any other year, right now we’d be checking our flight itineraries and planning road trips to hometowns. But, just like the rest of 2020, this holiday season is anything but ordinary, and many of us are reimagining what our festivities will look like—and that may mean staying home.

2020 is the Perfect Year to Send Flowers as Gifts

But while travel plans may be grounded, sending flowers is a creative way to deliver a slice of home to your loved ones. Flowers and plants have strong ties to locations—they are typically native to a particular region, and some have even become a symbol of a state or a city. By sending an arrangement featuring a regional favorite that represents home, your loved ones can feel there, even if they can’t be there with you. Flowers are very meaningful, emotional, and really send a beautiful message to all of your friends, family, and coworkers. There are so many lovely bouquets to choose from that can match anyone’s personality and decor that you just cannot go wrong with sending a floral gift from FTD this holiday season. Oh, and we do all of the heavy lifting, so you do not need to leave the comfort of your home.

Christmas Plants

Northeast Flower Arrangements

Holidays in New England seem synonymous with snow-capped pine trees. (In fact, the white pine cone is the official state flower of Maine.) Wreaths, garland, or arrangements with pine are not only beautiful and seasonally appropriate, but they are also so fragrant—ensuring any home, no matter where in the country, has that crisp, woody scent of the Northeast. 

Southern Flower Arrangements

While you might not be able to send sunshine, you can brighten any room up by sending a classic Southern bloom. Colorful azalea plants, lush hydrangeas, or delicate amaryllis all capture the beauty and fragrance of a Southern garden. And if your winter destination is usually the beach, consider a tropical plant, like a red bromeliad.    

Midwest Flower Arrangements

Send an arrangement that’s as symbolic as it is beautiful. Midwestern state flowers are some of the most popular varieties—peonies for Indiana, carnations for Ohio, irises in Michigan, violets in Illinois. Or capture the abundance of the Midwest by sending a rustic, textured arrangement of a mix of wildflowers, like sunflowers or chrysanthemums (which is also the city flower of Chicago).

Southwest Flower Arrangements

Succulents, cacti, snake plants—and any other plant that thrives in warm, arid climates—are classic fixtures of the Southwestern landscape. As an added bonus, these relatively easy-to-care for plants have a longer shelf life than a typical arrangement and can be a permanent fixture on a coffee table or in a home office. 

West Coast Flower Arrangements

While the West Coast is definitely known for its bright flowers (like its striking fields of orange poppies and the blue and yellow Pacific Coast irises), lush greenery is also a signature of coastal states. Aloe plants are a popular fixture in California, and succulents abound along rocks lining the Pacific ocean. A potted version is a great way to help your loved one capture the beauty of nature year-round, even if they can’t travel to it.

No matter what you send, the message in your card will help to bring it all together. Share why you decided to send this flower or plant, as well as a special memory of a time you were together in that region to help shorten the distance between you without leaving your home.