Holiday Host Happiness: How to Choose the Perfect Gift

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Hosting a holiday party or get-together is no joke.  The house or space has to be perfectly decorated with a festive feel, the food has to be downright delicious, and the right tone set to create a memorable experience for the guests.  It takes a ton of work and a special someone to take the reigns and host a holiday party.


Holiday Gift Giving Ideas


And because of this, it’s proper etiquette to show your appreciation.  But every situation is different and there are so many gifting options to choose from throughout the holiday season, how do you make the right choice when sending a gift to your favorite hostess?  A centerpiece might be a perfect fit, but a tabletop tree might add to their Christmas celebration long after the party is over.  A fresh bouquet is always a wonderful gesture, but maybe a chocolate treat or a nice bottle of wine or champagne would be more appreciated.  How do you sort it all out?

We thought we’d make it a bit easier on you this season with this simple chart outlining the right gift for your holiday host/hostess.

Host Gift Giving Guide


Need to know more? For your reference:

Type of Host/Hostess Sentiment Perfect Gift to Bring or Send
Close Relative An expression of your love Choose a gift that is set to impress:  Centerpieces or grand Luxury Bouquets with Keepsake Vases
Family Friend A moderately priced item that expresses your fondness will be much appreciated. In this case it is best to choose a gift that is general enough that it can go anywhere in their home:  fresh bouquets, tabletop trees, festive holiday plants
An acquaintance or someone you have yet to meet A token of thanks and holiday cheer Something simple that goes with everything:  a bottle of wine or champagne, a keepsake ornament to mark the occasion
Last minute invitation Something for everyone in the family to enjoy Gourmet gift baskets or a box of chocolates sent a few days after the event is a great way to show your appreciation for being included in their event