For Him: 4 Swoon-Worthy Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Gifts for Him Feature

Many girlfriends await a gorgeous bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day. But the ultimate dream girl is on the hunt to express her love to her boyfriend too, with her own romantic surprise. Plus, dinner at a fancy restaurant where both you and your guy open a heart-shaped box of chocolates is unoriginal and unadventurous, which is so not you two.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by giving your man a surprise gift and an unforgettable experience that’ll make him swoon. You’ll have his buddies saying, “She’s a keeper. Marry her!”


For the Beer Connoisseur

Give it: If your beer-guzzling guy enjoys IPAs and he’s loyal to his lagers, then he’ll love a great gift to go along with it.  The Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate is packed with delicious treats.


Do it: If he’s a home brewer, help him with the accompanying meal. Once his latest batch is ready, make an event out of the first tasting. Whip up some burgers and fries with handy grilling accessories from, and everyone’s mouth will be watering in no time. Homebrew and burgers ― what more could a guy ask for? Or, fill up a set of personalized beer glasses, growlers or mugs.



For the Grill Master

Give it: Does standing in front of the grill seem to be your boyfriend’s royal throne, armed with tongs and a beer? Is a rack of mouth-watering ribs your guy’s greatest masterpiece?

If you have a bonafide grill master on your hands, supply him with the Dean & Deluca Grilling Gourmet.


Do it: Once your man has perfected the recipe of his choice, invite a few friends over for a small soirée of craft beer, good company and his signature grilling specialty, enhanced of course, with Dean & Deluca’s All Natural Ketchup or Mesquite & Stout Ale Mustard.




For the Refined Foodie

Give it: For more romantic flair, regale your beloved and prepare a meal complemented by a trio of luxurious wines from Napa Valley. The Silverado Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, full of citrus aromas, deliciously treats the palate with fresh and fruity tropical flavors. If he’s lusting for a red, the Rutherford Hill Barrel Select Red Blend will satisfy the tastebuds with hints of cherry, raspberry and plum.


Do it: Whip up a home-cooked dinner for him. As the meal simmers, pour the gifted vino to ignite the ambience. Pair the delectable tastes of these wines with a main course of panko-crusted veal cutlets (from a local butcher shop) and pesto zucchini noodles (impressively made with a Spiralizer, the latest trend in health-conscious culinary).

napa valley wine trio


For the Amorous Admirer

Give it: If you and your beau are in a new relationship (or ardent amour), then this Valentine’s Day may be hot and heavy. Nothing says sexy like chocolate-covered strawberries. FTD’s Chocolate Dip Delights Classic Chocolate Covered Strawberries with red drizzle are noted to “deliver a singularly sensational experience of extraordinary pleasure.”


chocolate covered strawberries for him


Do it: Precede the designer desserts with a succulent oyster dish like fried oysters with saffron aioli or grilled oysters with spicy tarragon butter. Oysters are not only a gourmet seafood, they’re an aphrodisiac ― a food to get you in the mood (as if you need it). Then dip into those luxurious chocolates you’ve been pining to try with him.