Easy Ways to Transform Your Home for the Holidays

Transform Your Home Feature

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be a pain.  There are simple ways for you to transform your home by using everyday items and adding those holiday touches!

Transform Your Kitchen


Transform Your Home Cupcake Holders


Put your old vases to use! Christmas cupcake liners are a great way to spice up old jars and clear vases.  Sometimes these liners are hard to stack – here’s a tip: put a toothpick through the middle of them except for the few on the top.  This way you can adjust how they look before putting them in the vase or jar!


Transform Your Home Cupcake Tray


Cupcake stands are always fun! But having cupcakes sit out is bad for the freshness and your waistline! When not displaying your holiday cupcakes, display your favorite ornaments (ones shaped like cupcakes are even better!).


Transform Your Home Christmas China


Transforming the Living Room


Before and After Frames


Swap Out Pictures


One easy holiday update is swapping out every day pictures of family and friends with old holiday photos.  These throwback pictures are using old Christmas cards!  For every day framed images, you can leave the holiday photos behind them at the end of the season and they will be set for next year.


Transform Your Old Vases


Transform Your Vase


Transform Your Vase


Transform Your Vase


The easiest update of all is probably using your old vases and filling them with left over ornaments.  This is a quick display of Holiday spirit using materials from around the house.  Here at FTD we love flowers, so naturally we have tons of vases to use!


Transform Your Vase Holiday


If you are fresh out of ornaments – decorative sticks and fun straws are easy ways to adds some height to a shelf and extra pop of color!


Holiday Magazines and Catalogs


Holiday magazines and Christmas catalogs are perhaps the easiest way to add that pop of Christmas to your living room.  After you’ve finished read these, just display your favorite colors in a basket or on the coffee table.  You’ll be able to look at the beautiful covers all season long and your guests have something to read.