The Most Romantic Bedroom in Six Steps

It is almost Valentine’s Day, and the season for decadent treats, beautiful flowers, love notes, and romantic dinners. If you are looking for the perfect ways to highlight romance and make Valentine’s our sweetest day, you can start right inside your home with the bedroom. With February 14th is just around the corner, we teamed up with Crane & Canopy’s bedroom experts to come up with six ways to decorate and enhance the perfect romantic bedroom.

  1. Choose candlelight.

Candle Jo Malone

Filling your room with dreamy flickering and alluring fragrances, candlelight is quintessentially romantic. And you can find candles in romantic scents like sandalwood, vanilla, and amber for ultimate ambiance.

  1. Don pretty pajamas.

kimono robe pajamas from Plum Pretty Sugar

Some days you’re just going to want your baggy tee and sweats, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spice up your nighttime wardrobe with feminine, beautiful loungewear. With pretty prints and like this Kimono Style robe from Plum Pretty Sugar—wow your Valentine while you enjoy its soft luxurious voile cotton fabric.

  1. Find amazing bedding.

gray border duvet crane and canopy

No romance-ready room is complete without luxurious bedding. With neutral colors, covet-worthy coziness, and chic border details, the Linden Grey Border Duvet Cover from Crane & Canopy is a perfect scene-setter. Top your duvet with warm throws and pillows, and you are all set for snuggling.

  1. Make it bloom.

ftd pink rose bouquet

Whether gorgeous roses, colorful lilies, or lovely carnations, flowers are the perfect accent to any cupid-inspired room. And just like candles, they can deliver twice the romance with both their blooms and their fragrance. Choose from romantic favorites like classic red roses or one of the many other carefully arranged Valentine’s Day bouquets from FTD.

  1. Indulge

What’s Valentine’s Day without something sweet to treat yourselves to? You and your Valentine will love our gourmet dipped strawberries, with a variety of toppings from chocolate chips to champagne shimmer sugar. Pair them with decadent cake pops or dipped cherries.

  1. Listen up.

And for the finishing touch on the romantic bedroom setting, don’t forget that the right music can make magic. You can’t miss with Frank Sinatra or Steve Wonder, and we also love a bit of classical. But for the extra bit of personalization to your bedroom atmosphere, use special songs that mark milestones or memories in your relationship. After all, it is “your song”.