It’s Raining Rainbow Roses

3 rainbow roses

Ever see rainbow roses in person?

Well, I have and I can say that it is even cooler in person than in the pictures. With one look at these beautiful flowers, I just had to know how it was done!

I must know is each petal a different color and with my basic knowledge of mixing colors, how are they so perfectly infused so they did not end up brown?

red blue rainbow rose

In order to satisfy my curiosity, I spoke with a trained horticulturist, who explained the stem-infusing process to me.

Rainbow Rose Stem Infusing Process

  1. Fresh long stem roses are hand-picked from the farms and are taken to a special temperature-controlled workplace where other trained horticulturists prepared the roses for the infusion process.
  2. Once ready, the roses are placed in a unique (**secret**) substance, which is a combination of water and natural dyes.
  3. The roses slowly absorb the natural substance in the same way they absorb water.
  4. The horticulturist carefully pinpoints the stem-to-substance ratio so that each petal receives a specific color.  This results in the various colors being diffused throughout upward of 60 rose petals.
  5. Once the process is complete, the roses must be cooled and dehyrdated for shipping.
  6. Once the customer receives the roses, they should put them in water and the special flower food, and the roses will revive from the shipping process.

purple orange rainbow rose

Still curious? Here are some fun facts about our Rainbow Roses!

 Fun Facts about Rainbow Roses

–       The entire infusion process takes approximately 8 hours to complete

–       Only select roses can be infused, these roses must be able to rehydrate very quickly after being shipped.

–       It takes a very temperature-controlled environment to produce these roses, so that the substance can make its way up the stem.

–       It took several years of research and development, for the horticulturist to perfect this process



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