4 Ways to Ombre: Looking Back At The Defining Trend of 2015

The beauty of ombre is its use of color variety, rather than a single tone or pair of complementary hues. Varying colors can create eye-catching and moving effects for a wide range of styling purposes, from hair to home. The ombre style originated in the early 19th century as a fabric dyeing and printing technique for producing textiles graduating in color. This design process of gently progressing color from light to dark hit the fashion industry around 1840 and continues to expand and inspire hair styles, baking, interior design and wedding themes today.

Two-Toned Tresses

ombre hairstyle for women

A gal’s hair is just as much of an accessory as pendant necklaces, bangles and handbags. Tresses as a versatile accessory can revitalize a look and rejuvenate your inner fashionista, whether you chop your locks or add a new hue. Ombre coloring continues to be a hot hairstyle ever since celebs like Gisele Bündchen, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson rocked the trend with their dark oak-colored layers flowing into a lightened, soft honey shade.

Lately, Hollywood stars are chopping their beachy long layers into bobs, yet the two-toned look still looks stunning on short hair. Make a statement with striking colors like chestnut and auburn, golden blonde and platinum, and brunette and bronze. Show off you ombre style with straight angles for edginess or free-flowing curls for whimsy.

Colorful Confections

ombre cake for dessert

Yes, desserts taste delicious and satisfy that sweet tooth — but sweet treats can also be a work of art that amazes the eye just as much as the taste buds. For the true baking connoisseur who’s celebrating a special occasion, an ombre cake will impress your guests of friends and family (and Instagram followers). Imagine a rosette cake with four mouthwatering layers of fuchsia, rose, soft blush and pearl-colored vanilla cake. Smear each layer with buttercream frosting for decadence in every single bite.

You can also add ombre flair to sweet treats like:

  • Stacked pancakes in varied shades of violet topped with marshmallow fluff frosting
  • Homemade popsicles flavored with layers of pineapple, tangerine and tropical punch
  • Mixed berry parfaits layered with whipped coconut cream blackberries and blueberries topped with plain coconut cream

Charming Home Decor

ombre throw pillows

Ombre also transforms a home plagued by beige and boring. Use ombre interior-design accents to bring pops of color and brighten up a dull space in the following ways, whether you’re striving for daring and dramatic or light and airy:

  • Make a statement in your kitchen with pendant lighting in ocean blues, corals or peachy hues
  • Accent your bathroom with a ruffled white, gray, smoky and black shower curtain or a mint green to teal blue shower curtain
  • Get into the DIY spirit and paint each drawer of a dresser to create an ombre style piece of furniture, making a bold bedroom focal point
  • Add bright hues to a neutral-colored couch with ombre throw pillows in shades of robin’s egg blue or golden yellows
  • Paint a white vase with varying shades of seafoam greens, sunrise orange or magenta to use as a colorful decorative pieces

Wedding Embellishments

ombre bridesmaid dresses

Gradual tones create mesmerizing and romantic aesthetics for weddings, from the bridesmaids dresses and tablecloths to the floral arrangements and wedding cake. Rather than different styles of bridesmaids dresses in the same color, go for the same style of bridesmaids dresses in an ombre of colors. For a soft color scheme, dress your bridesmaids in light purples and darker violets. For a bright and bold look, choose fuchsias and champagne pinks.

Ombre-inspired colorful floral arrangements also embellish wedding designs. These are from FTD’s Runway Ready collection. The gradual progression of colors creates a happy, celebratory mood and vibrant energy. A bouquet in a crescendo of cotton candy pink and scarlet florals will pop against a white wedding gown as the bride walks down the aisle. Bloom arrangements in the colors of sunshine or rustic orange can adorn each table.

ombre flower arrangements

With an ombre theme, you don’t have to commit to a single shade or pair of hues; rather, a wide range of tones will beautifully color your entire wedding.