Q & A with Kathy Ireland

This spring at FTD we’ve launched a brand new collection with Kathy Ireland.  We are so excited to have another amazing designer bring their style and inspirations to FTD.


Kathy Ireland Feature image



  1. We are so excited to launch the Kathy Ireland Collection this Spring! What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Creatively designed with unique, stylish dimensions, height, and durability, our kathy ireland® HOME Spring vase collection maintains a contemporary and modern aesthetic, perfectly complementing a multi-floral special occasion bouquet, or a solid floral arrangement. The first bursts of color amongst sprouting blooms are vibrant and inspirational signs that warmly welcome both the spring season, and elevate your own true inner beauty!


  1. Spring is such a beautiful season for flowers –why did you pick these spring flowers for your bouquets?

Tulips, one of the first to blossom of the season, emanate a wonderful feeling of warm relief, hope, and life, especially after the chills of the winter winds. To me, tulips speak for themselves—they are simple, yet ever graciously tall, vibrant, and beautiful. The gorgeous height and color contrast featured in the Pacific Trends Bouquet arranged in our stunning kathy ireland® HOME cream floral hand sculpted vase is, without a doubt, the perfect way to incorporate nature’s first blossoms into your home.


  1. Let’s talk about the beautiful vase. How did you come up with the design of the container?  Does this reflect your personal style?

More often than not, less is more; even just one single gorgeous flower can be as, if not more, beautiful as a plentiful bouquet.  Even a single Oriental Lily, featured in the arrangement of the Perfect Day Bouquet, is enough to radiate purity and beauty, as the sharp white petals accentuate the beautifully designed blossom.

Our Spring vase in a neutral cream was designed with this in mind, complementing the subtle, yet delicate hand sculpted blossom in such a way that allows the vase to sit beautifully alone, or with a rich variety of your favorite garden blossoms.—the vase design is simple yet sleek, subtle yet detailed.


  1. What would you say your favorite flower is?

This is a very tough question! I’d like to say I have no favorite, as the sheer abundance of spectacular flowers, colors, scents, shapes, and heights, are each as individually exquisite as the next! In honor of the beautiful and ever inspirational Elizabeth Taylor, I would have to pick Phalaenopsis Orchids—their smooth, yet powerful breathtaking scent will always remind me of Elizabeth and her radiant soul. Flowers, grown with love and care, have the ability to personally brighten and charm each precious day.


  1. How do you use flowers in your personal style?


Fresh cut flowers are like a remedy for our home and our family. They bring a certain vibrancy, a life, into all of our everyday living spaces. The gentle, light and airy fragrance with beautiful glowing colors simply emanates any space with extraordinary energy.


  1. Why did you want to have a collection with FTD?

FTD has been actively servicing the floral industry for the past 100 years; our customers are who we serve, and ultimately, our top priority. FTD has always had a reputation as the premier gifting company for exquisite, customizable, plentiful floral arrangement. It is this dedication to personalized service and loyalty to consumer requests that speaks to our inherent core values at kathy ireland® Worldwide.