Trending Now: Floral Patterns

As your flower experts, we know one or two things about the world of floral.  As the spring is quickly approaching and our fashion choices are no longer completely dictated by the weather, here at FTD we are so excited to see that floral is the new black. 

Here are some of our beautiful arrangement that have served as inspiration for some floral patterns of our own.


Bold and Beautiful

blue and white floral pattern


Using the contrast of deep purples and bright whites, this floral pattern is sure to get anyone’s attention.  Each arrangement is distinct yet shows how the difference in colors and flower types give it a little something extra.


Less is More

purple roses floral pattern


A softer touch than the pattern above; this floral pattern and the two arrangements are toned down with the focus on lavender instead of bright colors.  The soft colors bring a feeling that less really is more.


Mix and Match

blue and pink floral pattern


Similar to mixing complimentary floral patterns, our floral designers excel at bringing unexpected yet beautiful floral pairings together.


Burst of Color

yellow and green floral pattern


Bright floral brings a feeling of warmth and sunshine.  These arrangements showcase that burst of sunshine in the floral pattern.  You know that summer is not far behind.

Timeless Beauty

dark pink floral pattern


Flowers and floral patterns are innately feminine. These arrangements bring a timeless sort of beauty that only shades of pinks and oranges can.


We’d love to see your floral pattern inspiration.  Share yours with the hashtag #ftdfloral on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Shop all of these beautiful arrangements here and find more floral inspiration!


**All floral patterns were designed by Chi Nwosu. Please tag her and FTD in your reposts.