Create Your Own Snowy Fairy Tale: How To Build a Snowman

Build a Snowman Feature

No one needs the magical powers of a snow queen to build a lovable snowman. With an overload of sticky snow, all the classic snowman parts and, most importantly, an infinite and beautiful imagination, you and the kids can create your very own snowman—because every child deserves a frozen best friend who likes to give warm hugs or sing classic tunes. As the weather gets frosty, welcome winter and build a snowman as soon as the first snow hits.



Build a Snowman Tree


Setting & Cast

Some of the best childhood memories take place right after a snowstorm, when a thick curtain of snow flurries blanket the ground overnight; the kind of snow that is perfect for building a snowman. The following morning school is cancelled because everyone is snowed in. The kids can’t eat their breakfast fast enough before they can dive into the glistening powdery snow. The storm has passed, but snowflakes still fall delicately from the sky, creating a picturesque, real-life winter wonderland. The air is frigid and the temperature hovers right around 30 degrees. The untouched sparkling snow is sticky and perfect for packing. The sky is gloomy, yet sunlight peeks through the clouds.


Build a Snowman Blowing Snow


Wardrobe & Equipment

You help the kids maneuver into their snowsuits, gloves, hats, scarves and snow boots and they’re out the door. You stand at the kitchen window, sipping hot coffee and watching the kids make snow angels and throw snowballs. It’s only a matter of time before they excitedly return to the house and beg to make a snowman. Especially since a snowman is your kids’ favorite character in classic holiday tales, you know what it means for them to finally have the perfect opportunity to create a frozen friend of their very own. Why not join the snow day fun and celebrate the beauty of a white winter? Equipped with a snowman decorating kit and dressed in warm clothes, head outside and help with their project.


Build a Snowman Playing in the Snow


Plot & Happily Ever After

Start the fairy tale by picking a spot with a good view (this is going on Instagram!), preferably in the shade (for longevity!). Once you’ve found his home, follow these steps:

  • Away from your target spot, form a large and tightly packed snowball
  • Roll the ball through the snow toward the spot until it has gained enough girth to be the base of your snowman. Flatten the top.
  • For the torso and head, repeat step one twice. Just make sure the midsection is smaller than the base, and the head is smaller than the midsection.
  • Secure the torso onto the base and the head onto the torso using a shovel to help with leverage.
  • Pack snow between each section to keep them stable.

The plot thickens once you bring your snowman to life with a nose, arms, hands, eyes, carrot nose, branches for arms, buttons and a pipe. Add a felt hat and knit scarf. Finally, encourage the little ones to use their imaginations and decide on a name for the snowman.

Despite a happily ever after ending, the story doesn’t have to end. Create a romantic sequel by and introducing the snowman to a snowlady. Maybe even make it a trilogy by building a snowbaby. Just remember, the magic starts as soon as the snow falls. The stage is set and, as long as you’re prepared, you and your kids can create a happy snowman like one right out of a timeless make-believe story.