When is World Teacher’s Day?

Smiling teacher holding flowers in classroom

When you think back to your childhood, your teen years, and well into adulthood, there are probably people that stand out when you think of those who have changed your life and helped to shape you into the person you are today. Some of those people may be family members or friends, but many of them might also be your teachers. Teachers play a huge role in who we were during our formative years and who we grow up to be. They show us patience, support, love, and are by our sides when we are figuring life out. And though you have expressed your appreciation and thankfulness to them throughout the course of your life, there is a special day for them to shine, and for you to show that unending gratitude. Though we think teachers should be celebrated every day, World Teachers’ Day comes once a year and when it does, it is time to show the educators in your life just how special they are, while advocating for them as well.

When is World Teachers’ Day?

World Teachers’ Day is on October 5th every year, and in 2021 that falls on a Tuesday. That means that the big day is approaching and it is almost time to send gifts, write cards, or post on social media about the love you have for the teachers in your life! Though they aren’t in it for the praise, it is time to start the planning process to ensure you give your best teachers the celebration they deserve.

What is the history of World Teachers’ Day?

UNESCO was the first to declare World Teachers’ Day to be October 5th, back in 1994. It commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. That recommendation set benchmarks regarding the responsibilities and rights of teachers, and the standard for their furthering of education, employment, recruitment, and learning conditions.

What is the importance of World Teachers’ Day?

The importance of World Teacher Day is to generate awareness about teacher issues and to ensure that teacher respect is a part of the world’s natural order. But more casually speaking, it is important to observe World Teacher Day, because of the immense impact that teachers have on the world. Education dates back to the beginning of time, and is still deeply necessary in today’s world. This is a world that is always learning, growing, and changing, so educators and teachers play a huge role in the success of world affairs, and general well-being.

Teacher Appreciation Day vs World Teachers’ Day

Teacher Appreciation Day falls on Tuesday in the first full week of May, whereas World Teachers’ Day falls on October 5th every year. Though they sound similar, World Teachers’ Day is the more formal celebration of what it means to be a teacher and educator, while fighting for rights and standards alongside showing your love, appreciation, and admiration. Teacher Appreciation Day is meant more to celebrate the impact that teachers have played on our lives, during teacher appreciation week. Even though they are on different days, and the formal celebrations differ, at their core both days were created to show honor and gratitude to the educators in our lives.

How to Observe World Teachers’ Day

Red Roses on Teacher's Desk

So, how should you observe and celebrate World Teachers’ Day? There are so many different ways, but we have compiled a shortlist for you to choose the proper celebration for the educator in your life.

  • Sending something sweet: If you are far away, or no longer in their class or at their school, you may want to let FTD do the hard delivery work for you. Sending them something sweet is a great way to show how much you care and how thankful you are. And a Mrs. Fields Cookie will do just that! This decadent treat will leave them full of sweets and feeling loved!
  • Write them a heartfelt note: Maybe you have written them a thank you note before, or you wrote an appreciation in their yearbook, but believe us when we say that sending a card never gets old, and never goes unappreciated. That’s why FTD has gratitude cards for teachers that you can download to send out your thanks!
  • Arrange a flower delivery: We at FTD know the impact a teacher has on your life, and we also know the impact that a flower delivery can have on their life. Choose from one of our best-selling bouquets, sunflower arrangements, or a blooming plant for them to keep on their desk, or in their home if they have retired. A floral gift is a beautiful gesture that expresses the love and appreciation you have for them.

Know that whatever way you decide to observe World Teachers’ Day, we are sure that the teacher in your life will love it and be extremely appreciative.

We hope that the educators in your life are properly celebrated during this year’s World Teachers’ Day. Show your thankfulness and start planning today, and know that FTD has what you need when it comes to sweet treats, beautiful blooms, and thoughtful cards to send out for World Teachers’ Day.