Thank You from FTD

Peach Roses

We just want to say, “Thank you.”

We are excited to announce that FTD has been awarded two recognitions this fall and we wanted to take a moment to thank our customers for making this possible.

Here at FTD, we work hard to excite and delight our customers during their most important sentiments. It’s reassuring that we are working hard in the right direction. We are thrilled to have received both the Women’s Choice Award for America’s Most Recommended Flower Delivery Service and an Excellent Rating from StellaService for our Customer Service care.


Women’s Choice Award for America’s Most Recommended Flower Delivery Service

The Women’s Choice Award is designed to identify brands and services most trusted by women and to help customers make smart consumer choices. Industry specific surveys are created by a team of experts and sent to nearly 60,000 women across the nation to ensure the best results.  Their goal is “to empower you with the insight and recommendations of women across the nation” and to ease the decision process when making a purchase. 

FTD takes the trust of our customers very seriously, and we are consistently striving to create new, beautiful designs, to push the quality standards, and to resolve any issues that might arise.  Read more about this award and the Women’s Choice Award process.                                                 

Women's Choice Award Seal


Stella Services Excellent Rating

We are also proud to have earned an Excellent Rating from StellaService.  StellaService tests customer service performance by placing orders to test the delivery and customer service response. The speed and quality of customer support is based on daily customer service questions posed by StellaService via phone and email.  To measure shipping speed and package fit and quality, monthly orders are placed and delivered to four separate regions. The results are collected and evaluated by trained analysts to ensure accuracy and consistency. 

Although we work very hard to make sure each customer is satisfied, we are happy to know that when things don’t go as expected our customer service team is ready. You can learn more about StellaServices and our recognition here.

StellaService Seal




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