How to Plan a Mother’s Day Celebration

mother and daughter embracing, with the daughter gifting flowers to mom

What kind of mom do you have? Is she the type who loves to go out to restaurants, or would she prefer to spend Mother’s Day enjoying the outdoors or going to the movies? This is her day, so plan a Mother’s Day celebration doing what she wants to do. Here’s another idea – make Mother’s Day an occasion free of household chores for Mom. This is a day in which she shouldn’t lift a finger except to enjoy herself.

Whatever your plans, sending Mother’s Day roses will get the day off to a good start!

Throw a Party

A backyard garden party on a lovely May day is a great way to honor your mom. That’s especially true if several family members can attend. Prepare her favorite dishes and serve an irresistible dessert. Share photos and videos with guests so they can appreciate the love she’s shown through the years.

Present your mom with a lovely plant to mark the occasion. At FTD, choose from Mother’s Day plants that will complement her home or those she can later plant in her garden.

Online Celebrations

Does Mom live far away? Thanks to the internet, you can still share the day together! How about taking a joint cooking class, a flower arranging seminar or engaging in some other fun activity you can do online? Instead of a class, you can also cook the same meal and sit down “together” to celebrate. If you don’t want to cook, order your favorite foods and sit down with a glass of wine to eat and chat.

What about sending Mom a Mother’s Day gift basket that she can open when you’re Zooming? You still get to see the happiness on her face even if you aren’t there in person.

Sending Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers are an integral part of any Mother’s Day celebration. Send mom her favorite Mother’s Day flowers to grace her table or enjoy in her home. Shop All Flowers to find the blooms that are absolutely right for Mom.

Pampering Mom

Is your Mom overdue for a day at the spa or another form of pampering? Surprise her with a spa package. She can give herself some relaxing “me” time. Maybe you can join her after the session for lunch or dinner.  

Find the Best Mother’s Day Gifts at FTD

At FTD, we offer a wide range of Mother’s Day gifts perfect for celebrating Mom’s special day. Does Mom have a sweet tooth? She’ll appreciate Mother’s Day chocolates and sweets delivery.

Often, the best Mother’s Day gift is that of time. Spend time with Mom, perhaps doing the things you most like to do together. Whether that’s shopping, picnicking, or going on a weekend getaway, time with you is what Mom may desire most. Share memories, make plans, and have real conversations. When you get down to it, time is all we have. Make the most of it with Mom.  

No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s the thought that counts. Make sure she realizes just how much you love and appreciate her!