How to Host the Perfect Virtual Friendsgiving

Virtual Friendsgiving

Over the past decade, Friendsgiving has become a beloved tradition for many, an opportunity to celebrate the season with local friends. And while the pandemic means in-person parties might be off the table, that doesn’t mean Friendsgiving is canceled. In fact, we probably need it more than ever. With a bit of planning, it is simple to transition your celebration to a virtual one (and a bright spot in 2020). 

Make Your Friendsgiving Invitation Memorable 

Many of us are spending a lot of time in virtual meetings nowadays, so a festive invitation will help set the tone by making your Friendsgiving feel like an occasion, not an obligation. Consider sending a physical invitation, which can double as a keepsake, like our Homesick Let’s Toast candle. The delivery can serve as a Save the Date, and you can follow up with details and links via email.

Pick a Setting (For Your Backgrounds)

Your guests may not be leaving their homes, but they can still feel transported with a fun virtual background. Pick a theme for your backdrops: Indulge in a bit of wanderlust by having everyone use a photo from the country they’d most like to travel to right now or reminisce with fun photos of you and your friends together in the past. It’ll give you all something to talk (and tease each other) about. Or, if you want to really have everyone feel closer, send along snaps of your dining room for your guests to use, so it’s almost like you’re in the same room.

Get Into a Friendsgiving Groove

A shared soundtrack will help your guests feel like they are in the same place, so prepare a playlist in advance! Certain virtual meeting platforms, like Zoom, allow you to share background music, so you can all listen to the same tunes without the music drowning out the conversation. If that’s not an option, send your guests the playlist before your Friendsgiving celebration, so they can stream it at home.

Raise a Glass (or a Fork!)

Part of the fun of Friendsgiving is the shared menu. And while you won’t be able to pass side dishes around the table, you can capture a bit of that spirit by sending your guests a surprise prior to Friendsgiving. Consider gifting a cocktail kit or the same dessert to all of your guests, so everyone can toast together. Or, send around a recipe before your party for everyone to make and compare results. 

Have a Game Plan for Virtual Fun

While you’ll want to allow plenty of time for friends to catch up, scheduling a few games or activities can help keep everyone active and engaged throughout your Friendsgiving celebration. You can play everything virtually with the help of a variety of websites, from traditional games like Scattergories to Pictionary to Euchre, to more modern takes in the Zoom era. Healthy competition can keep your festivities going well into the night (especially if you have a prize planned for the winners!).

While nothing is all that normal this year, we still love our friends, we still love Thanksgiving, and we will still want to stay close. A few simple switches will help ensure your Friendsgiving traditions continue without a hitch. We’d love to see how you celebrate—share your Friendsgiving celebrations to social media with the hashtag #togetherwithftd to show us how you’ve made your 2020 Friendsgiving a memorable one.