Here’s Why Flowers are the Perfect Holiday Gift in 2021

Holiday Flowers on the Dining Room Table

Nothing feels quite as good during the holidays as finding the perfect gift for someone you love. With everything going on this year, though—from canceled travel plans to work from home (while homeschooling kids!)—it might feel like one more item on an ever-growing to-do list. But we can still capture that joy of giving. And it is easier (and more meaningful) than you think: Send flowers.

Holiday Flowers Are Universal (But So Personal)

While everyone appreciates receiving flowers, we all love different things about them, meaning a perfectly selected bouquet feels thoughtful and specific. Most importantly, flowers never fail to put a smile on a loved one’s face. What could be more thoughtful than that? 

You Can Send a Change of Scenery

We’re all spending much more time indoors, and everyone’s looking for ways to brighten their homes, especially with the holidays approaching. Even a temporary change to a person’s surroundings can help improve their mood—a new orchid for the coffee table or mini-tree for a work-from-home space can make a lasting, significant impression and help them feel more festive. 

There is Something for Everyone (and Every Holiday)

A mini-tree for each of your nieces, a classic poinsettia for grandma, a festive centerpiece for your best friend—the options are endless (and perfect for any holiday). Flowers also make the perfect “just because” gift, and there are plenty of nontraditional holidays that ensure you can find the perfect, personal occasion to brighten someone’s day—from your bacon-loving friend to the bubble-bath enthusiast in your life.

It’s Thoughtful—In a Very 2021 Way

Couldn’t we all use a bit of a break this year? Everyone is overextended, and we could all use a little convenience, without sacrificing quality or sentiment. Flowers can be a one-stop shop to check things off your holiday list, since they are easy to personalize (there’s something for everyone) and you can show how much you care through a meaningful note. And flowers are respectful of the recipient’s home, too—right now, it is hard to find space for more things in your life (especially after that early quarantine closet purge). With flowers, everyone wins.

Holiday Flowers Make It Easy to Shop Small

Shopping small may be the biggest trend of the 2021 holiday season, as we all look for ways to support local businesses during this difficult time. For more than one hundred years, we’ve been a network of local florists and farms, and each arrangement you send supports those small businesses. It also ensures you send the freshest, most beautiful flowers, anywhere in the country.

Delivery Is Easy, Safe, and Reliable

Avoid pandemic-related shipping delays: Same-day delivery ensures your flowers will reach their doorstep on time, and we’re taking extra precautions to ensure our deliveries are safe and contact-free (so you can be totally worry-free on all fronts). And should your holiday plans have to change at the last minute, you can ensure a special delivery gets to your loved ones as soon as possible.

As you start ticking off your holiday list, browse our dedicated shops for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah—or shop by favorite flower to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list, and send a little more joy in 2021.