Easter Table Decorations to Bring Spring to Your Home

easter table decoration

You’ve boiled the eggs, cooked the ham, and invited the guests. Easter dinner is well underway! If the next thing on your Easter to-do list is creating the perfect tablescape, we’re here to help! Have you ever thought of using eggshells as mini planters for succulents? Or how about creating an Easter egg tree using sugar cookies?

From unique place setting ideas to simple floral centerpieces, these Easter table decorations will help you create a festive tablescape your guests will remember. To help you get started, we’ve come up with 15 ideas so you can easily recreate them yourself.


Sugar Cookie Easter Egg Tree

  • Create a unique Easter centerpiece by arranging blossoming branches in a simple vase.
  • Dogwood branches and cherry blossom branches are perfect due to their small delicate blooms.
  • Adorn the tree with Easter egg shaped cookies for a playful (and edible!) decor idea.

easter egg tree

Photo by: Rustic White Photography


Eggshell Place Setting

  • Plant alfalfa seeds in broken egg shells. Place these eggshells by the window or wherever there’s sunshine, and watch your seeds sprout within a few days. Check out 17Apart’s guide on how to grow sprouts in eggshells.
  • Nestle the shells into pastel egg holders to create a festive arrangement
  • Decorate with mini quail eggs to complete the look. Don’t forget to boil them first!

easter egg place setting

Photo by: Minty House | IG: @mintyhouse


Watercolor Easter Egg Centerpiece

  • Dip dye your Easter eggs in layers of different colors for a fun watercolor effect.
  • Create a “nest” by using wood shavings or even potpourri on top of a decorative charger, platter, or plate.
  • Arrange the eggs in the nest  to create a unique centerpiece that’s perfect for your Easter table or coffee table.

watercolor easter egg decoration


Custom Decoupaged Eggs

  • Instead of dying or painting your Easter eggs, you can decoupage them!
  • Cut out your favorite designs from printed napkins and peel off the first thin layer that contains the printed design. Checkout Buzzfeed’s instructional video on decoupaging for details on how to do this step.
  • Paint a thin layer of decoupage glue onto the egg, and adhere the printed design. Paint over the design with more glue and you’re done!

easter decoupaged eggs


Glittered Easter Egg Place Setting Decor

  • Take your Easter eggs to the next level by dipping them in confetti or glitter! Of course, gold is our favorite color.
  • After you’ve colored your eggs, simply brush a thin layer of glue on the bottom half of the egg. Dip in gold glitter and you’re done!
  • Place a glitter egg atop each plate on the dinner table, or scatter them down the table’s center for a unique conversation piece.

glitter easter eggs

Photo by: Studio DIY


Easter Teacup Place Setting

  • For a whimsical look, fill a teacup with mini Easter egg candies or chocolates.
  • Use candies that are coated in a variety of pastel colors.
  • Top with delicate spring flowers or buds like cherry blossoms.

Photo by: Sussie Bell | Styling by: Selina Lake


Easter Centerpiece with Spring Flowers

  • Use spring flowers to create a floral centerpiece: think tulips, peonies, and stock flowers.
  • Let the lush flowers do the talking by arranging them in a simple vase.
  • Pair bright colors like purple and pink with fillers that have a neutral color like green and white.

easter flower centerpiece


Easter Pail Place Settings

  • Arrange colored Easter eggs in mini pails or buckets.
  • Fill with greenery or faux grass to create a fun springtime look.
  • Place them on top of folded cloth napkins, in coordinating colors.

Easter egg pails


Faux Nest Place Setting

  • Create individual Easter egg nests for a place setting idea that will delight your guests!
  • Embellish nests with tiny flowers such as baby’s breath and waxflowers.
  • Complete your display with a kraft paper tag and a festive hand-scrolled message.

easter egg place setting


Floral Bud Vases

  • Place daffodils into small bud vases.
  • Arrange in clusters on the table for a unique centerpiece idea.
  • Elevate the look by lining the table with a decorative table runner.

easter mini flower vases


Eggshell Planters

  • Gently break the tops off of dyed Easter egg shells.
  • Line with a bed of soil and plant tiny succulents and cacti.
  • Arrange eggshells in an egg carton or porcelain egg holder to create a centerpiece that will show off your green thumb.

eggshell planter


Eggshell Tealight Candles

  • Dye eggshells into colors that will complement the rest of your tablescape.
  • Use broken eggshells to make your own tea light candle holders!
  • Ensure that the eggshell you use is large enough to fit a tealight.

eggshell candles

Photo by: Little Inspiration


Easter Candy Pots

  • Mini peat pots can be found in gardening supply stores and are usually used for growing seedlings.
  • Fill these pots with shredded kraft paper and miniature chocolate eggs for a rustic-chic place setting.
  • For an added touch of personalization, tie on a name tag with twine or write your guest’s name directly on the pot.

easter candy

Photo by: Personally Andrea


Spring Tulip Centerpiece

  • Spring is the season for tulips! Show off the season’s most colorful flowers by creating a simple arrangement.
  • Hyacinth, a fellow spring-blooming flower, adds unique texture to the arrangement.
  • Complete the rustic look by using a vintage pitcher or teapot.

easter tulips


Rustic,vintage, modern, or boho, we hope that you’ve found an Easter table decor idea that you love. For more inspiration, check out our post on spring flowers for a list of the season’s most colorful blooms or browse our creative Easter floral arrangements.