March National Flower Day & Plant-A-Flower Day

National Flower Day

Spring is in the air and that means National Flower Day and National Plant-a-Flower Day are right around the corner. It’s an exciting time for gardeners and plant lovers alike. This year, celebrate National Plant-a-Flower Day on March 12 and National Flower Day on March 21. Both days commemorate the beginning of the warmer season and provide a fun occasion to plant a few flowers in anticipation of what is to come.

When is National Flower Day?

Whether we realize it or not, flowers hold importance in our lives. From showering a significant other with rose arrangements to displaying floral wreaths at funerals, flowers are everywhere. National Flower Day, celebrated on March 21st, is the perfect time to celebrate that we have flowers to give and receive. Plus, you’ll be thanking the planet for providing them. 

When is National Plant-a-Flower Day?

National Plant-a-Flower Day is an annual holiday that is observed on March 12th. To get ready for spring, find a few blooms you like and start planting! Go outside, enjoy the sun with loved ones, and plant something beautiful that will blossom in a few months. From kids to older folks, this is a holiday that can be celebrated by anyone.

History of National Flower & Plant Days

Although the origin of both holidays is unknown, one thing is certain—whoever started it loved flowers. With over 400,000 species of flowers in existence, it’s easy to see why we honor such an important piece of the world. 

Back in 2500 BC, the Egyptians put flowers inside vases to create floral arrangements and show their appreciation for both the living and dead. As the years have gone by, many of the traditions held by our ancestors are still widely practiced and recognized today. The meanings of certain flowers, for example, remain true. The Egyptians placed lotus flowers, which are known to symbolize rebirth and enlightenment, inside burial tombs. 

However, the importance of flowers doesn’t just stop at their significance or beauty. Like house plants, flowers provide numerous benefits. Insects, birds, and even bats feed on the nectar that flowers create, inadvertently pollinating other plants and helping them reproduce. Moreover, flowers can also help us strengthen our immune system, improve our mood, and boost our energy levels.

After all of this, it’s no surprise we welcome the spring with National Plant Day and Plant-a-Flower Day. 

Plants with shears and a basket

How to Celebrate National Flower & Plant Days

On Flower Day, people are encouraged to plant all kinds of flowers. You could plant flowers in your backyard and admire the blooming plants as the weeks go by. If you don’t have a yard or you simply have too many flowers already planted, visiting your local community garden is a great idea. You won’t only have the opportunity to plant flowers, but you’ll also be able to communicate with experienced gardeners and learn a few gardening tips along the way. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have much of a green thumb! You can still partake in the celebration by sharing the gift of flowers with your loved ones. From a lovely tulip bouquet to vibrant roses and low maintenance plants and flowers, FTD offers a wide selection of floral arrangements to help you honor National Flower Day. 

What to Plant?

There are plenty of wonderful flowers to plant in March, including hyacinths, tulips, roses, daffodils, pansies, and more. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s appropriate for your region. 

If you’re more of an indoor gardener, why not schedule a peace lily delivery? House plants are excellent choices for those who want to celebrate Flower Day by brightening up their home or office. Peace lily care is also easy enough that even new plant parents won’t struggle to keep their plant alive and healthy. Here are a few tips to care for your new peace lily: 

  • Peace lilies thrive in rooms with indirect sunlight and can live off of fluorescent lighting
  • Unlike low maintenance house plants, peace lilies need to be watered frequently and consistently 
  • Keep out of reach of small children and pets because plant lilies can cause irritation if ingested 

Although you won’t get the day off at work for National Flower Day and National Plant-a-Flower Day, it’s still a great occasion to show your appreciation for flowers. If you’re stuck at work on either holiday, why not order a mixed flower bouquet to the office? We offer same day flower delivery so you can have a gorgeous arrangement on Flower Day. 

From International Earth Day to the first day of spring, March is a very busy month for gardeners and plant lovers. Get ready for the warmer season by planting a few blooms and share the gift of flowers!