June Borthday Flower rose

June Birth Flower: Rose

The rose is the June birth flower. Its sweet fragrance and timeless beauty heralds the advent of summer like no other bloom. The name “rose” is derived from the Latin word rosa. During the height of Rome, roses were grown extensively in the Middle East and used as medicine, perfumes, and at celebrations as confetti.

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May birth flower lily of the valley

May Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley is the May birth flower. This springtime flower is also known as the May lily or French “muguet des bois. Its scientific name is Convallaria majalis, where the first part of the name means “valley” and the second part means “belonging to Maia.”

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What Your Zodiac Says About Your “Mom”-ing Style

For most women, being a mother can feel like it was written in the stars. From personality traits to compatibility, studying your zodiac signs as parents is an interesting way to understand your relationship with yourself and your children. Using astrology to identify your strengths and weaknesses is a great way to not only figure out your parenting style, but strengthen your relationship with others. Find your sign below to learn more about the connection between your zodiac and parenting style! read more

lavender orchid blossom

Types of Orchids: A Visual Compendium

Did you know there are more than 20,000 types of orchids in the world? That’s more than four times the number of mammal species! While most are found in tropical rainforests and grasslands in far off places, a fair amount are also native to the United States. A favorite in homes worldwide, the “Orchidaceae” family features blooms that are vibrant, tropical and fragrant.

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april birth month flower daisy

April Birth Flower: Daisy

The daisy is the April birth flower. Flowering in spring, they are known for their delicate white petals that surround a fluffy golden yellow center. The most popular types of daisies include the English daisy, Shasta daisy, Gerbera daisy, and the painted daisy. Originating in England, where daisies grow wild in open fields, English daisies are the most classically recognizable species. Gerbera daisies are the second most popular daisy and are widely cultivated around the world and are bred to represent nearly all colors of the rainbow. As the April flower, they are one of the most popular flowers during spring. read more

11 Protea Ideas for your Wedding

Whether you’re looking for a large statement flower or minimalist bouquet, the versatile protea flower if perfect for both! Measuring upto 12 inches wide, you can use a single flower as a simple bouquet, or create an extravagant arrangement with greenery and lush florals. They’re also long-lasting, sturdy flowers, so you can rest assured that they’ll look great throughout your celebration!
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March Birth Flower: Daffodil

The daffodil is the March birth flower. They are one of spring’s most recognizable flowers, known for their bright yellow and white petals. Their flowers are formed by a central cup shaped corona (the part of the flower that holds the stamens), that is surrounded by six large petals. Popular around Easter, the birth flower for March signals the end of winter and the arrival of spring. read more

Which flowers are best for congratulations?

Beautiful floral arrangements are one of the most heartfelt ways to acknowledge life’s most impactful moments. Flowers are especially engrained into sports culture, playing a prominent role in ceremonial traditions and victorious celebrations. Whether draped along podiums, thrown onto ice skating rinks, or arranged in bouquets, flowers have become a symbol of congratulations and victory. read more


Poinsettia Care Guide: Tips and Tricks

Nothing says Christmas quite like the poinsettia. Bold and beautiful, the poinsettia plant (Euphorbia pulcherrima) has bright petals that contain small flowers of green and yellow at the center. Poinsettias come in a range of colors from white to orange, but are most popular in their red variety.

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sympathy quotes

36 Sympathy Messages: What to Write in a Condolence Card

Comforting someone who is grieving is not an easy task. While there is nothing you can do that can take their pain away, there are some ways that you can help to lessen it. Expressing your sympathy through cards or letters is one way to provide comfort and peace of mind to someone who is mourning. However, finding the right words is tricky and deciding what to write in a condolence card can be difficult.
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