2019 FTD Halloween Coloring Contest

Say More With Flowers™ this holiday season by winning a Spooktacular floral and sweet treats package during FTD’s 2019 Halloween coloring contest! #SpookMoreWithFlowers from FTD this Fall and you can win a BOOtiful Fall bouquet, sweet treats, and more to keep the season looking and feeling festive! Tell us who you want to share a seasonal bouquet with this Fall, and you can color to win these outstanding Fall gifts to share! read more

woman in black shirt holding mug that says like a boss.

Powerful Lessons from Inspiring Lady Bosses

Leadership is hardly ever easy –– there are always things to do, teams to manage and an endless stream of problems to solve. While it’s not for everyone, those who do it well shine brightly in their field and inspire us to do our best work while they’re at it. read more

bouquet of fall flowers inside a pumpkin.

17 Fall Flowers and How to Style Them

The shorter days and cooler weather mark the end of blooming season for spring and summer flowers. However, as the irises and tulips are cut back, some of the most impressive blooms are just beginning to show off. In the fall, you can enjoy fields of wildflowers such as sunflowers, asters and black-eyed Susans. read more

woman in a field of sunflowers

17 Ways to Be More Positive + Printable Mantras

Every so often, it’s good to evaluate your mental health. What consumes your mind? If you’ve noticed a pattern of negativity, it might be time to make a few changes. Your outlook on life affects your mental and physical health, your work and your relationships. A few small habits can help you adjust your mindset and start looking at life with a renewed, positive light. read more

December Birth Flower: Narcissus

The narcissus is the December birth flower and symbolizes good wishes, faithfulness and respect. The narcissus can often be confused with the daffodil, the birth flower for March, which is a type of narcissus. Although most narcissus flowers are spring flowers, there are several species that bloom in the winter, such as the paperwhite narcissus — making it appropriate as the birth flower for December.
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11 Holiday Entertaining Tips from Celebrity Party Planners

The holidays are all about spending quality time with close friends and family. They are the most festive time of year, meaning that you’ll need to be prepared when it comes to party planning. To help you plan the perfect holiday event, we’ve rounded up the best holiday entertaining tips from celebrity stylists, designers, chefs and other seasoned party planners. read more