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Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Every Year of Love

Marriage is all the good and all the bad rolled into one lifelong journey. It takes careful intention, hard work, love, commitment and forgiveness. All this makes yearly anniversaries important to celebrate. Honor your day and the one you love with these wedding anniversary gift ideas for your significant other or a couple you want to congratulate.

Giving a traditional wedding anniversary gift can be a thoughtful way of acknowledging this special milestone. Whether you want to stick to the traditional list of wedding gifts or give it a modern twist is up to you. In this post, we explore both options! read more

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How To Embrace Your New Normal According To Your Personality Type

When we rang in the new year, little did we know it would turn out the way it has. Months later, we’re facing a “new normal” that still doesn’t seem to be defined or give closure to the rollercoaster we’ve been through. Oxford Languages defines normal as “the usual, average or typical state or condition.” With 72% of Americans stating that their lives have been disrupted to at least some degree, it is unlikely that we can just go back to the way things were before the global health crisis. Instead of simply coming to terms with the fact that the world as we know it has changed in the face of the COVID-19, why don’t we find ways to embrace your new normal? read more

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How to Reach Your Helper’s High From Home

Due to current events, every act of kindness is powerful, and volunteering or using your talents to help others is the best way to get through this time of uncertainty. Studies show that helping other people can help you cope with anxiety and change, boosting your mood and overall improving your outlook on life. A study on volunteering during a crisis showed that eighty-nine percent of people felt happier overall thanks to their charitable efforts, and 78 percent reported that volunteering helped them better deal with disappointment and loss. Everyone has certain needs and giving back or finding ways to act with kindness not only benefits the receiver but the giver as well! But is there really a science to kindness and how long can these benefits last? read more

Masculine Flowers: Best Types for Every Occasion

Everyone loves receiving flowers, and men are no exception.  Although it may seem that flowers are traditionally sent to women, why not mix up the tradition and treat the men in your life with a floral bouquet! Whether you want to send him flowers to express appreciation, love, congratulations, or even just because, there are many floral options to choose from that he’ll love and will be sure to brighten his day. read more