14 Types of Cactus for Your Home and Garden

The cactus, known by its family name of cactaceae, is a very unique and popular plant. It’s known for its wide variety of species, each very distinct in appearance. They thrive in dry, hot climates. Unlike most plants, cactus need very minimal amounts of water, thriving in well-drained areas. They store what water they do get, allowing them to survive droughts. read more

40 Types of White Flowers

Every floral arrangement could benefit from a variation of white flowers! Known for representing purity, white flowers are a neutral tone that accents any color. They can be used to round out other brighter, more eccentric florals in a bouquet, adding texture and depth. Another beautiful option is to let them stand strong on their own as a centerpiece. No matter their purpose, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bloom for your occasion with our list of 40 types of white flowers! read more

types of purple flowers

50 Types of Purple Flowers

Purple is a common choice of flower due to its variety of hues and calming effect on a space. It can range from light lavenders and lilacs to more vibrant violets and magentas. Add lavender to your bathroom decor to create a soothing retreat or include foxgloves in a bouquet to create a dynamic look. No matter your space, purple flowers will add a royally elegant touch!
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types of green flowers

20 Types of Green Flowers

The color of good fortune and renewal, a green flower is perfect  to gift a friend or loved one. This energizing color enhances any floral bouquet it’s added to. Whether  subtle or bold, green flowers are sure to encourage cheer no matter what shape or size they are. Create a full bouquet of earthy shades or incorporate just a couple for an arrangement sure to impress!

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30 Types of Yellow Flowers

The color of the sun, yellow is the shade that literally can brighten someone’s day! A representation of friendship and joy, this stimulating color enhances any floral bouquet it’s added to. Whether they’re bright or subtle, yellow flowers are sure to turn heads and encourage cheer no matter what shape or size they are. Create a bouquet filled with sunny shades or use just a few for a gift sure to put a smile on a loved one’s face! read more