mom and daughter hugging

4 Printable Mother’s Day Cards, Example Messages + Gift Ideas

Not all superheroes wear capes! Moms do a lot for their families. This Mother’s Day, treat her to show some gratitude and appreciation for all that she does. Put together the perfect card that expresses your love with a little creativity. We’ve put together a collection of free printable Mother’s Day cards for a range of scenarios, plus unique Mother’s Day quotes and gift ideas to include on her special day!  read more

National Garden Month

Celebrate National Garden Month in April

This winter has definitely exceeded its expectations with the amount of snowfall and low temperatures that have dispersed throughout even some of the warmer areas across the country. Whereas some of us can appreciate being snowed in while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa as we gaze out the window at the winter wonderland before us, many of us are dreaming of warmer temps and greener pastures. read more

St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Around the World

While St. Patrick’s Day is originally named after the patron saint of Ireland, it has become more and more recognized over the past several hundred years by people all over the world. Today, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the more commonly celebrated spring holidays, with widespread participation even from those without any Irish heritage. Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, though, and what are some of the distinct St. Patrick’s traditions observed in different places throughout the globe?

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easter table setting decor

35 Festive Easter Tablescape Ideas

You’ve boiled the eggs, cooked the ham, and invited the guests for your small gathering. Easter dinner is well underway! If the next thing on your Easter to-do list is creating the perfect tablescape, we’re here to help. Have you ever thought of using eggshells as mini planters for succulents? Or how about creating an Easter egg tree using sugar cookies?

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National Flower Day

March National Flower Day & Plant-A-Flower Day

Spring is in the air and that means National Flower Day and National Plant-a-Flower Day are right around the corner. It’s an exciting time for gardeners and plant lovers alike. This year, celebrate National Plant-a-Flower Day on March 12 and National Flower Day on March 21. Both days commemorate the beginning of the warmer season and provide a fun occasion to plant a few flowers in anticipation of what is to come. read more

young couple cuddling with newborn

51 New Baby Wishes + Printables: What to Write in a Card

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting experience, and there’s no better way to congratulate the new parents than with a thoughtful card! It’s important to come up with the perfect message to write inside your card, so we’ve put together a collection of meaningful ideas and quotes to include for different scenarios, plus printable ones to make it easier.  read more

Gifts for Gamers: Console Controllers Picture

2021 Gamer Gift Guide for Every Player

The year was 1995. The groundbreaking gaming console PlayStation had just made its way into my home thanks to months of allowance savings and a lot of begging. It changed my life! I spent hours with my friends staring at a screen, drinking Jolt Cola, and developing carpal tunnel in my thumbs from desperately pressing buttons.  read more

Valentine's Day Boyfriend Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Boyfriend

Guys can be tough to shop for, and finding gifts for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult. Do you get him flowers? Do you get him something he needs (but that isn’t that exciting)? Something you can both enjoy together? If your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic he may love Valentine’s flowers, while other guys may not even know to put them in a vase with water. read more