Featured Florist Jimmy Bason

A Blooming Family Florist: Jimmy Bason

Our florist network here at FTD is unmatched, joining together characters from all walks of life. We partner with professionals nationwide, from grandiose event florists to basement betties who only work peak seasons. To showcase the artful designs and hard work behind our bouquets, we sat down with florists themselves to hear their stories.  We previously highlighted Konstantinos Louis Vellios of Avenue J Florist in New York. Today, we’re proud to showcase Jimmy Bason, owner and lead designer at Bird of Paradise Flowers in Philadephia, PA.

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Featured Florist Gus Konstantinos

Flowers, a Family Trait: Konstantinos Louis Vellios

Meet Konstantinos Louis Vellios: a proud Greek orthodox father, husband, and current owner of Avenue J Florist delivering stunning flowers for nearly 100 years. Like other generational storefronts, his is alive with wall-to-wall floral displays, sepia-toned family photos, and the hustle of the employees behind the counter pulling flowers from freezers to trim and arrange. However, it wasn’t always the organized, modern business it is today. read more

What to Expect at a Celebration of Life

When we lose a friend or family member, it can be heavy and heartbreaking. But unlike a funeral or memorial service, a celebration of life is a joyous event that honors a loved one’s transition to the other side through the sharing of memories and laughter by family and friends. 

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3 Flower Embroidery Patterns + Health Benefits and 5 Stitches You Need to Know

Not only is embroidery a relaxing pastime that produces beautiful and unique art, it can even positively impact your health.

While one can feel joy by simply admiring the lovely colors and textures of a flower embroidery pattern, picking up a thread and needle to create art can also enhance creativity, help relieve stress while also building patience and community.

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Cinco de Mayo Dancers

Cinco de Mayo History & Celebration

Cinco de Mayo is a colorful and fun holiday observed annually on May 5. While you may see people dancing, laughing, and enjoying a few tacos and margaritas, not many people will know what the day is about. So why is Cinco de Mayo celebrated? If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Cinco de Mayo history and what Cinco de Mayo is, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to discover the origins of this Mexican holiday and why it’s so popular in the United States.  read more

Mom Q&A Real Talk

Real Moms, Real Talk, Q&A

2020 was the year moms have been unwittingly training for, the Olympics of motherhood where Murphy’s Law holds true, and uncertainty is certain. Moms everywhere deserve a massive “thank you” for their quick thinking and continued patience, also for the times they lost their cool, but they still gave it their best go. We caught up with two of these persevering moms during our Mother’s Day photoshoot, Sunny Shokrae and Esther Adams Achara, to hear about their takeaways and triumphs.

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