Send Flowers to Germany
Sending flowers online to Germany is easy with FTD's international florist delivery. Send floral bouquets to Germany including large cities Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.
The Classic The Classic
$92.00 - 1,840 Miles
Flower Surprise Flower Surprise
$54.05 - 1,100 Miles
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
$75.00 - 1,500 Miles

Julia Julia
$93.00 - 1,860 Miles
Lovely Greetings Lovely Greetings
$77.00 - 1,540 Miles
Ti Amo Ti Amo
$94.00 - 1,880 Miles

Florist's Choice 'Love' Florist's Choice "Love"
$63.00 - 1,260 Miles
Florist's Surprise Bouquet Florist's Surprise Bouquet
$63.00 - 1,260 Miles
Flower Greetings Flower Greetings
$64.00 - 1,280 Miles
Flower Joy Flower Joy
$72.00 - 1,440 Miles

Get well soon! Get well soon!
$63.00 - 1,260 Miles
Good Luck! Good Luck!
$61.00 - 1,220 Miles
Good Mood Good Mood
$70.00 - 1,400 Miles
Happy Dance Happy Dance
$61.00 - 1,220 Miles

Happy Feelings Happy Feelings
$60.00 - 1,200 Miles
Happy Times Happy Times
$59.00 - 1,180 Miles
Romantic Greetings Romantic Greetings
$116.00 - 2,320 Miles

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