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MasterPass Gift With Purchase
Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you purchase an FTD Gold Membership, at checkout simply enter your $40 Gift Card as payment along with your PIN
  • No other form of payment is required if your purchase total is for FTD Gold Membership only
  • If you decide to purchase flowers, plants or gifts and the purchase total is greater than $40, you will be required to enter a form of payment to complete the transaction in total
  • Please note that FTD Gold Membership has an auto-renewal option. If for your purchase you pay with both a Gift Card and another form of payment you will be opted in for auto-renewal. After your purchase is completed, if you do not wish to have the auto-renewal option, simply log-in and edit this option in your My Account profile
  • The FTD Gold Membership Gift Card will retain value if the purchase price for Gold Membership falls under $39.99 and the balance can be used at FTD.com. Offer is only good for 1 one-year Gold Membership. If you already have a Gold Membership, the Gift Card value can be used for other merchandise on FTD.com
  • Each Gift Card can be used at FTD.com for full value for any product featured
  • The retail value of the Gold Membership is guaranteed until 12/31/13, but that the $40 value of the card does not expire.

  • Q: What do I have to do to receive my $40 Gift Card for Gold Membership and $20 Gift Card?
    A: Pay with MasterPass at checkout and you will qualify to receive a code to sign up for free Gold Membership ($39.99 retail) and a Gift Card to use at FTD.com.

    Q: When will I receive my $20 Gift Card and code for free Gold membership?
    A: Once delivery of your FTD qualifying purchase is made, we will email you within 7 business days. You will receive two separate emails. One will contain the $20 gift Gift Card and the other will contain the $40 Gift Card for Gold membership ($39.99 retail value) and instructions on how to sign up.

    Q: What is MasterPass?
    A: MasterPass is a free service that is a fast, simple and safe way to check out online. It cuts down on the time and effort it takes to buy the things you want and need. And because it's from MasterCard, you can trust that it's secure. Use it with all major credit, debit, and prepaid card. To learn more about MasterPass, visit www.masterpass/learnmore.

    Q: How do I check out with MasterPass?
    A: When you are ready to check out online, click on the "Buy with MasterPass" button. Next, unlock your MasterPass account to choose your payment method and shipping address. Then simply confirm your purchase, and you're done!

    Q: How do I sign up for a MasterPass account?
    A: Click on the MasterPass button at check out. Proceed to "Need to Sign Up for this Wallet?"

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