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FAQs & TIPS - For the service
In a time of grief, words often fail us. We want to express our heartfelt sympathy, but finding a gift that can share our sentiments and provide comfort is not always easy. Below you will find some answers about making the perfect floral selection for the service.

PLEASE NOTE: Arrangements for the service require special care and attention. If ordering less than 6 business hours before the service, we strongly recommend sending your gift to the home or office.

Q. I want to send flowers to the service. What kind of arrangement should I send?
A. The type of arrangement you should send is traditionally determined by your relationship to the departed.

Immediate Family - Larger floral tributes such as casket sprays, standing sprays, set pieces and small casket adornments such as pillows or hearts are traditionally selected by immediate family members. If you wish to provide this kind of tribute, consult the family before sending your gift.

Extended Family - Consider a wreath on a standing easel. Another lovely choice would be a set piece, such as a Broken Heart, Bleeding Heart or cross. If possible, coordinate the color and style with the casket spray and larger floral tributes for a unified, tasteful appearance.

Group of Friends/Colleagues/From the Company - If you are sending a gift to express your sympathy as part of a group of co-workers, friends or on behalf of the company, a floral wreath, standing spray, basket arrangement or bouquet are all graceful selections.

Close Friend or Colleague - A floral bouquet or blooming plant are excellent choices to express your sympathy. These are typically set on an end table or on the floor around the casket to add warmth and beauty to the service. They have the added benefit of being portable, so the family can take them home and enjoy their comfort and solace after the service is over.

Q. What flowers are appropriate when the deceased has been cremated?
A. The immediate family often selects a beautiful wreath of flowers to encircle the urn. Additional sprays, wreaths and bouquets can be set around the urn, as traditionally done with a casket service.

Q. Are there religious considerations I should take into account when it comes to sending sympathy gifts?
A. Yes. Various religions have traditions and customs regarding sympathy flowers.

Buddhist - Send white flowers, the traditional color of mourning in Buddhist culture. Yellow flowers are also acceptable. Red flowers symbolize happiness and are not considered an appropriate tribute.

Christian - Most denominations consider flowers an appropriate tribute with no limitations on the color of choice.

Hindu - Flowers may be an appropriate gift depending on family preference. A gift of fruit delivered to the bereaved family's home is also considered a welcome gesture of sympathy.

Jewish - Flowers may be an appropriate gift depending on family preference. A gift of fruit, sweets or food delivered to the bereaved family's home is also considered a welcome gesture of sympathy.

Muslim - Flowers may be an appropriate gift depending on family preference. A gift of food sent to the bereaved family's home is also considered a welcome gesture of sympathy.

Q. The death notice states to make a charitable donation "in lieu of flowers." Should I still send flowers?
A. It is increasingly common for families to request a gift to a charitable foundation "in lieu of flowers." While wanting to comply with the family's wishes, many of us still would like to send a gift that acts as a tangible reminder of our sympathy and support. Making a charitable contribution in addition to a gift of flowers allows you to honor the family's request while still expressing the sympathy you feel.

Q. Are there arrangements that might be considered too "cheerful" for a funeral?
A. No. As long as the arrangement is a reflection of the life being celebrated and a tribute to the way they would wish to be remembered, a particular arrangement should not be deemed too cheerful.

Q. Are there gender specific designs or colors?
A. Soft pastels are commonly thought to express a more feminine style, while stronger, bolder colors are sometimes perceived as more masculine. However, your decision should be based on how the departed would like to be remembered, not preconceived standards.

Q. Does the size of the floral tribute equal the money spent?
A. Not necessarily. The size of the floral tribute depends on factors such as flower variety, seasonality and availability. Common flowers are less expensive than rare blooms, while the cost of certain flowers may go up or down at a specific time of year.

Q. I'm confused about what variety of flowers to send. Can you help?
A. Flowers are infused with symbolic meaning according to traditions that date back hundreds or even thousands of years. Here is a list of symbolic meanings to guide you toward a fitting choice.

Calla Lily
Majestic beauty.
"I'll never forget you."
Gerbera Daisy
Purity and strength.
Sincerity, grace and strength of character.
Innocence, loyal love
and purity.
Purity and majesty.
Appreciation and love.
Lasting love.
Strength and hope.
Perfect love.
Honor and devotion.
Faith, wisdom and meaningful friendship.
Dark crimson symbolizes mourning, red symbolizes love, white symbolizes innocence and purity, yellow symbolizes friendship and remembrance and pink symbolizes admiration and grace.

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