Hosting Christmas Last Minute Feature

7 Holiday Hosting Hacks & Last Minute Tips & Tricks

This year the holiday season has surely been memorable—memorably hectic and stressful with hardly any time to prepare for Christmas Day. If you’re on the verge of crisis mode, it’s not a red alert just yet. Take a deep breath. Fortunately, there’s still time before emergency protocols kick in and you have to cancel Christmas like a Grinch. Don’t give up on Christmas Day just yet with these holiday hosting hacks to help with last-minute preparation. read more

Peppermint Bark Feature

Fool Proof Holiday Dessert – Make Your Own Peppermint Bark

Every year you hear that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year.  However, most people fail to mention that they are also the busiest time of the year.  Between holiday parties, buying your gifts, wrapping your gifts, and everything else during the holiday season, extra time to cook and bake is hard to come by.  Here is a quick and easy recipe to make your own peppermint bark.   read more

Build a Winter Wonderland Feature

Building a Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Are the kids getting antsy to go outside and play in this non-existent winter wonderland? While we await the snow, here’s a fun project to keep the kids busy.  This winter wonderland in a jar can be used a night light for the kids or a window decoration for your home. read more

Christmas Tree Decorating Feature

4 Festive Themes to Inspire Your Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmastime—the happiest time of the year—comes only once every 365 days, which is why you shouldn’t settle for just one Christmas tree. Your Christmas tree is a festive token of holiday spirit that brings the natural beauty of winter indoors to create warm space that twinkles with joy and celebration. So why not have more than one Christmas tree? Or two, or four? read more

Build a Snowman Feature

Create Your Own Snowy Fairy Tale: How To Build a Snowman

No one needs the magical powers of a snow queen to build a lovable snowman. With an overload of sticky snow, all the classic snowman parts and, most importantly, an infinite and beautiful imagination, you and the kids can create your very own snowman—because every child deserves a frozen best friend who likes to give warm hugs or sing classic tunes. As the weather gets frosty, welcome winter and build a snowman as soon as the first snow hits. read more

Gift Giving Tree Feature

The Gift Giving Tree: 12 Gifts For Christmas

This Christmas: no repeat gifts, no returns and, most importantly, no disappointments. With this holiday pledge, you’re going to give friends, family and co-workers gifts that will truly blow them away. The following gift giving tree guide offers 12 gift ideas for everyone on your list, all of which are guaranteed to bring happiness and make you the best gift giver ever. read more

Outdoor Holiday Decor Feature

4 Outdoor Holiday Decor Inspirations

As temperatures turn chillingly fierce and snow silently blankets the ground, we warm up with excitement for the season ahead. Get into the holiday spirit and makeover your house into a beautiful winter wonderland. Take inspiration from the following four outdoor decor ideas that will transform your home into a storybook. read more